ALL 8 track tapes, unless recently serviced, require a new foil splice and
pressure pad (if they are the foam type) in order to play with good sound
quality and, more importantly, to prevent damage to your machine.

The adhesive holding the foil splice in place has become brittle over the
decades, and will likely give way when the tape makes the sharp turn
before being drawn back into the cartridge.  The capstan does not stop
pulling the tape, but it cannot be drawn back in.  The result is that the
tape wraps around the capstan - usually several times before we even
know there's a problem as it will still appear to play properly until it
finally binds up and simply cannot move anymore.

We offer 8 track tape service for $5 per tape - minimum of 5 tapes.
Return shipping is not included and is $20 for up to 42 tapes.

Please note that roughly 5% of tapes are impractical to repair.
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