Before we imposed strict packing requirements, we received many unit which arrived
with bent of broken control shafts.  As controls are no longer available except from
an identical unit, one broken control can add up to $300 to the customer's bill.  If a
unit arrives with damaged controls during the busy seasons, we send it back
unrepaired at customer's expense in order to keep up with the workflow.
Exhibits A and B - the WRONG way!
You don't want this to happen to your unit, right?

So let's do it the RIGHT way:
Flatten a cardboard box and lay it out as shown under unit
Note that we have the corrugations running left to right for easy bends
Begin rolling the cardboard around the unit.  After the roll is started,
tape the cardboard to the unit as shown.  Use plenty of tape and
tape the cardboard to the unit in at least 3 places.  This is to prevent
the unit from sliding within its protective cardboard sleeve.
Continue rolling until you have at least 2 layers all around (3 layers
is even better).  When finished rolling, tape the cardboard sleeve
shut.  Then lower the whole works into a well-padded box.
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